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Tooth Replacement

Whether it is because of years of poor oral hygiene or a freak accident, losing one of your permanent teeth can happen at any time. This is also because as you age, teeth become weaker and more prone to breakage. This is why even a simple thing as biting or chewing something hard can be enough reason for this happen.

In this day and age, losing a tooth is no longer such a big deal. Whereas in the past, options were much more limited and expensive, nowadays, access to dental services is more widely available. Some treatments will still cost you a bit, but now you have other options than just living with a gap between your teeth.

In fact, doing nothing is one of the worst things you can do after losing a tooth. While inexpensive, it will lead to a lot of consequences. First of all, your smile will no longer be complete and this might lead to lack of self-confidence. Second, you will find eating much more difficult when you have gaps between teeth. Lastly, the other teeth might end up shifting into the empty space and this can lead to future issues with your gums or with your bite.

Here are some options for replacing missing teeth that you should consider. To get more information, check out the post right here.

Partial Or Complete Dentures

This is the least expensive option to replace a missing tooth. Lots of people also prefer this because it is quick to make and can be easily removed. These false teeth may only be partial or filling only some gaps, but they may also be complete, meaning they will substitute the whole set of missing teeth.

These dentures are basically fake teeth that are attached to either a plastic or metal frame. The whole thing is removable, and it is anchored around remaining original teeth. It may also cover the roof of the mouth or some of the gum tissue. Hooks and rests are vital in holding the frame, and some of these can be seen by others when the mouth is open.

An important part of taking care of dentures is to remove them and brush them nightly like real teeth. It is also best to sleep without them so that the gum tissue can breathe in the night.


A bridge uses existing original teeth beside gaps in order to support a new false tooth. The natural teeth will have to be contoured, and a crown will be put on top of it. These crowns will be the foundation of the false tooth or the pontic tooth. If you already have crowns for other reasons like large fillings, bridges are the best option to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants may require a complex procedure, but they are the closest thing you can have to get your original teeth back. They are sturdy because of the implant that serves as the anchor. The crown, on the other hand, is the visible part.

Implants are the best because they will feel, look, and work like ordinary teeth. This means there is no fear when eating an apple or a steak because they will not chip and break so easily. Moreover, there is no need to shave off existing teeth that are otherwise still great for crowns like in a bridge. This process will simply make them less sturdy. Lastly, because they are implanted into the jaw instead of attached to other teeth, there are fewer visible parts like hooks or clasps.

How To Make The Right Choice For You

There are a few factors to consider when deciding which way to replace any missing teeth. One of the most obvious is budget because the price of dental implants can be way higher than for dentures. In this case, age and health status come into play. Investing in implants makes sense for younger patients who foresee many years of use ahead. But at the same time, dentists will not recommend implants unless the patient has been cleared of certain conditions.

In conclusion, it is important to have a frank conversation with your dentist, discussing your situation and goals. He will then be able to recommend the best option for you so that you will not have to live with missing teeth any longer.