The Myths and Facts You Should Know About Cellulite

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Cellulites are perhaps the number one enemy of women and men alike. There are hundreds of products and articles, promising effective cellulite elimination. But mind you, not all the details you read on the internet are accurate. Here is why you should not fall easily for false treatments by knowing the difference between myths and facts about cellulite.


Myth: Cellulite is Not All Fat Cells


Yes, cellulite is not really just fat cells inside your body. Fats are present but there are also connective fibers found between the muscle and the skin. It is really these connective fibers that create the dimpling effect of the outer layer of the skin. A dermatologist or skin specialist can attest this fact on connective fiber creating skin pockets. Some parts of your skin are pulled down, hence you see the lumping effect.


Myth: Cellulite Only Happens to Women


Men experience cellulite less frequently compared to women. But yes, men do have the fibrous bands but seldom have we seen the dimpling effect. Women, as they age, gain fats around the thighs and hips. If there is less connective tissue to support this fat accumulation, its effect on the skin shows. The good thing about men’s connective tissue though is that it is much supportive and stronger thus fats cannot go through it easily.


Myth: Losing Weight Can Eliminate the Cellulite


Banking on the notion that cellulite are fats, most people immediately resort to losing weight to resolve the cellulite problem. Weight loss alone may worsen the cellulite in your skin. You have most probably heard from health experts that weight training and stretching exercise should go hand in hand as these exercises help produce excellent results. Building muscle is important too and you should be able to eat a healthy balanced diet – one that is low in sugar and processed carbohydrates.


Fact: Genes Play a Part in Cellulite Occurrence


If your great grandmother, grandmother and your mother used to have cellulite, then there is a high possibility that you will develop it too or at least there is a high risk that it may run in your family. Yet this genetic condition is only a small part compared to healthy weight maintenance, regular exercise and a good diet. Your lifestyle can create a big difference to beat your genetic predispositions.


Fact: Eating Right Can Eliminate or Reduce Cellulite


This is no secret. As you maintain an active lifestyle and eat healthily, your body will also thank you by keeping it in shape and fit. Not to mention that your blood circulation will significantly improve and your arteries will be free from blockage. Here are fruits and veggies that you can include in your diet: tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, radishes, green peppers, celery, broccoli, spinach, watermelon, etc. And oh, drinking plenty of water will really help.


Fact: Smoking Causes Cellulite Appearance


One of the biggest enemies of having a firm and healthy skin is smoking. It lowers the collagen formation and hinders good blood circulation. As it happens, the connectivity tissue also becomes weak causing the appearance of cellulite because fats can easily penetrate in these weak areas.


As you know these myths and facts about cellulite, it will also give you the idea on what’s going to provide temporary effect and what ways can provide long term results. May you choose the one that changes you for long-term.