Known Natural Herpes Cure Tricks

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Many people have a problem with herpes and they do not know how to deal with it all over the world. Many doctors have tried to cure it with trial and error methods and researchers have tried digging deeper to find a solution to no avail. There are however tricks that have been used by our forefathers to treat it fully and they are effective to date. We are going to uncover the tricks right here so you better get your pen and paper ready before you start reading.

The first trick for herpes cure is to drink lots of water. Yes water will treat and heal it for good and you will be surprised at how easily this can be done. Take at least ten glasses of water everyday which means a glass of water every two hours. This trick has worked for very many people and you can try it as well. Many medical practitioners will not reveal this trick to you and you will have to do it continuously for two to three months to realize any positive results. This means you will have to walk with your jar of water everywhere you go. This will not only cure your herpes, it will give you a smooth radiant skin so you can continue with it even after the recommended time is over.

Though herpes is not a killer disease, it can have detrimental effects. For pregnant mothers who have it, it can lead to miscarriage or even early delivery of the child. Also, pregnant mothers can pass the infection to their unborn child which can cause a deadly infection known as the neonatal herpes. If you realize that you are having herpes and are pregnant, then you must take measures that will ensure that your child will not be infected in whichever way. It is important to go for antenatal clinics and give the doctor the right information. It is also important to know that one may be advised to have C-section as the safest delivery method to avoid baby from getting infected and hence the need to cooperate with your doctor.

Prevention has been taken to be better than cure and one can also take measures to ensure that they do not contract this virus. Herpes type 2 can only be transmitted via sexual intercourse. This therefore should means that as long as one does not indulge in sex, then they are safe. The other only safe option is to have one sex partner who is not infected with the genital herpes. With the oral herpes, it is possible to take precautionary measures although, it is still tricky because the virus is transferred to you without your knowledge.

With the great tips you have learnt in this article, you can easily get over the disturbing condition. You only need to be observant and take quick measures when you notice it. All the best and good health to you.